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For emoji keyboard pro web version

1. Compose message by typing text on textbox.
2. Insert emoji to message: set cursor on the position of text that you want to insert emoji, choose emoji from keyboard to insert (choose directly from emoji groups or use search functionality and click on emoji you want).
3. Text is copied automatically. You just paste to everywhere you want. You must notice that, if you add text after choose emoji, you need to copy message manually (select all text from text input, press Ctrl+C (Windows), CMD+C(Mac)).
VALUABLE FEATURES: Customize emojis to make your own keyboard, lenny face keyboard, message template, sync your own keyboard for using on multiple devices (of course multiple browsers) only by 1+1 clicks etc.

For emoji keyboard pro extension

You can use as above method (for web version). However, you can use automatic insertion functionality. It's very useful. We recommend you that you just should use this function, if the message on text input is not too long. It works fine, but not convenient for composing a large message, beccause our input text is not designed for composing a large message. In order to use automatic insertion, you follows these steps:
1. On textbox of the page you want to insert emoji (for example, text input on facebook, youtube, twitter, linkedin etc.), click on the textbox that you want to insert message.
2. Click emojiSelector symbol on Chrome to launch our emoji keyboard pro.
3. Compose message on our textbox. This message will be synchronized with the textbox of that web page. Done! You just back to your web page and post message.
- You can force to perform the copy command by using Ctrl+C (Windows) or CMD+C (Mac) anytime. Just press this keys combination. No need select text on textbox.
- You can jump to searcher quickly by command Ctrl+F (Windows), CMD+F (Mac) or F3 (Windows).
This is very useful feature that was released for both extension and online keyboard. In order to ADD emoji to your owned emoji keyboard (that we call it Bookmark Emoji), you hold down the Ctrl key and click on emoji from Categories or from Searcher. If you are using MAC, just replace Ctrl by CMD. In order to REMOVE emoji from your owned keyboard, you hold down the Alt key and click on emoji from your own keyboard (Bookmark Emoji).
You can jump to your owned emoji keyboard, just use combination Ctrl+D.
Our emoji keyboard pro was released for Chrome/Firefox/Opera.

YouTube dark mode - Switch youtube to dark mode

You always work at night, but the monitor brightness is not good for your eyes. If you look at it for a long time, this can cause you sleep badly. Otherwise, brightness can reduce your battery. So, you need to use the dark mode. The dark mode is not only good for you, for your device, but also it looks so beautiful. If you find a tool to switch YouTube to dark mode, our extension for Chrome/Opera/FireFox is good choice.
Very easy to use. Just one click only.
If you want colorless dark mode, you can get it for Chrome/Opera/FireFox. With colorless dark mode, you won't see any colors on YouTube interface, only video playback is colorful. So, you can focus on video content.
In order to switch youtube to dark mode, you need open youtube on Chrome/Opera/Firefox, click on symbol of our extension. You will got the really beautiful youtube.
youtube dark mode

FlapEmoji - Bring your emoji pass through Ancient Egypt

You have to control your emoji fly and avoid colliding with pipes. You will get the bronze medal if you pass through 10 pipes, silver medal - 20 pipes, gold medal - 30 pipes, platinum - 40 pipes. If you pass through more than 100 pipes, your are super star! Then, many valuable things of Ancient Egypte will be yours. Let play FlapEmoji!
The FlapEmoji game is compatible with PC, Mac and Mobile.
HOW TO PLAY? If you are using touchable device, you just tap on your screen to start and control your emoji. If you don't have touchable device, you can use SPACEBAR on keyboard. When you tap or press spacebar, your emoji will fly up. It will fall down later. So you need tap tap (press press) for flying higher. Your task is avoiding colliding pipes. So you have to control tapping/pressing suitably.
What is in next version? You can pick your own emoji (by our emoji keyboard) to change the default emoji bird, and you can share your score in our dashboard on social network. You can challenge your friends to get more fun. Have fun and Enjoy it!
flappy emoji game

YouTube Cherry Mode - Let you fall in love with YouTube

Do you love cherry color? Are you in love? Do you want to be loved? So, let you fall in love with YouTube cherry mode. When you use this addon, you have a romantic YouTube. YouTube cherry mode is a gift for beautiful girls, romantic boys and especially, it is for lovers. However, if you love the pink color, cherry color, you also can use it :) Hope you enjoy it! Here are the YouTube cherry mode addons for Chrome/Opera/FireFox.
Very easy to use. Just one click only. You will got the really romantic YouTube.
youtube cherry mode

YouTube media player - Let YouTube play by the way it should

YouTube media player is a product of HTCom. This product allows you play YouTube in fitting mode and dark mode. Let YouTube play by the way it should. YouTube media player is a modified version of online YouTube, that allows you:
- Use the dark mode.
- Use fitting mode (video content always fits to any window sizes).
- Borderless window.
- Always on Top.
Help: F1,
Fullscreen: F11,
Exit Fullscreen: Esc,
Go Previous session: Backspace,
Go to home page: Ctrl+H,
Switch on/off the On Top mode: Ctrl+T.
Install for Chrome OS: Install for Chrome OS
If you use Window, Linux, Mac, you cannot install directly from Chrome store. Google limited for Chrome OS only. So you can download this file (or right click, choose save as). After that, drag this file into Chrome browser. Install process will be performed automatically.
In order to run this app, on address bar, you type chrome://apps. You will see this app. For running quickly, you can right click on it, and choose add shortcut.

YouTube Fitting mode - Fit video content to any windows size for YouTube

You want to find a tool that makes video content on YouTube fit to any browser sizes? I mean you only see the media playback, other components will be hidden. This tool will help you do it.
By default, YouTube media player cannot fit to custom window size, it always contains another components, such as suggested videos, ads, comments etc. Our extension will hide all unnecessary things. You only see the video with control bar only in current tab. I mean that it looks like you are watching video on Windows media player or QuickTime media player.
*****NOTICE: If extension didn't switch youtube to theatre mode, you have to do manually. Fitting mode is only more beautiful with turning on the theatre mode!***** This extension is available for Chrome/Firefox. Hope you enjoy it! This extension is supported by
youtube fitting mode

Photo comments - Make comment by photo

Search and select photos by topics, add comment, use for facebook comment, post and other social networks
It's so easy and so quick to MAKE PHOTO COMMENTS IN FEW SECONDS! OTHERWISE, You can use it as "insert photo" feature for OFFICE 365, and other web-based office apps.
~~~~~~~~MAKE PHOTO COMMENTS~~~~~~~
The must-have extension for you to use in social networks. You need this photo comments (named FotoComments, PhotoComments) to use for facebook, twitter, other social networks? Please use our PhotoComments extension. It's very easy to use, just follow 3 STEPS:
1. Search photo by topics and pick it.
2. Add comment to chosen photo.
3. Copy and paste photo to facebook post, facebook comment and other social networks that support image pasting. For social networks doesn't support image pasting, such as twitter, you can choose save and upload photo by its built-in functionality.
1. Enter keyword.
2. Right click on image you want (don't click on resulted images, it for photo comments), click copy and paste to office editor.
No popup, no ads, safe. Feel free to use it.
You can download photo comment for Chrome/Opera/Firefox from their stores. We hope you enjoy it!
make photo comment

MathEval - Calculate and Solve advanced math problems

This is a tool that allows you calculate the math expression and solve some advanced math problems.
As you know, math is very important but it's also difficult. This plugin helps you calculate the complex mathematical expression, solve some math problems. We hope this plugin can help you learn math easier and you no longer hate math. This is supported by The functionalities of this plugin:
1) Calculate math expression.
2) Solve some math problems, such as solve equation, system equation, find intersection etc
3) Matrix calculation.
4) Other calculation.
Otherwise, you can copy the link of expression to send to your friends, share on facebook directly. This is very useful in math study. This version is limited 1 function - no display mathematical formula in graphical form. So if you want to use full version, please use the web version at
No popup, no ads, safe. Feel free to use it.
You can download mathEval extension for Chrome/Opera/Firefox from their stores. We hope you enjoy it!

Proxy switcher - Switch proxy to hide your real IP

This extension use proxy technology to make the websites only can read the pseudo IP. I mean this is not your real IP.
In order to switch proxy, you just click on our extension icon, choose public proxy location to switch to. Very easy and quickly. Now, you can visit any sites and no afraid of that those sites know where you are (via IP address).
***NOTICE: we only help you switch proxy to block sites read your real IP. This extension doesn't have any functionalities of antivirus, or firewall. So you need to be protected by those program if you want to visit unsafe sites.
This extension is supported by HTCom. Free, total free and no ads, no popup.

YouTube modern Dark Mode - The combination of Dark mode and Material design

After you install our extension, you can turn on/off the modern design of YouTube. In order to switch mode, you just click on icon of our extension. Now you can use the white mode and dark mode in new modern YouTube. Just follow these steps:
- Click on your YouTube Account icon (the upper right corner on YouTube page.
- Choose "Dark theme Off".
- Choose "Activate dark theme".
youtube modern dark mode

Everything is done. You can use YouTube with modern design in dark mode and white mode as you want. If you want to back to classic YouTube, you just click on icon of our extension again.
This extension is supported by HTCom. Free, total free and no ads, no popup.
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